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What's an "AckLfee?"

Well, let me start with my official dictionary definition of this strange, little term....

ack∙ L∙ fee \ āk-il-fē \  n  1: a joyfully silly person  2: an individual given to bouts of giggling and goofiness  3: an excited exclamation made after experiencing an unexplainable synchronicity  4: a hard working, dedicated, short and oftentimes silly artist (by the name of Amy S.Turner)  who wants to put her artistic talents to work for YOU!

The origin of this term has remained slightly murky but seems to have made its debut in the vocabulary of a then 4 or 5 year old whose name has now become synonymous with it.  At first thought to be a remnant from some previously unknown extinct language, the term's definition and usage soon became more obvious as the youngster insisted upon using and incorporating this seemingly new word into her ever-growing vocabulary.

It wasn't long before "Ha, ha, ha - I'm just an AckLfee" became a routine exclamation, usually accompanied by a random act of goofiness.  Soon the term was also being applied to others when they also acted exceptionally silly.  But one didn't automatically receive the moniker...the candidate had to be ESPECIALLY goofy and be deemed worthy to hold the extra special title...and this was no easy task!  It took dedication to be truly silly.

Ranked high on the coveted list of AckLfee goofy achievements were the A) falling asleep in the plate of spaghetti incident,  B) the "car-crash kitty" toilet-paper-wrapped cat incidents, C) the Pop's inverted hair incidents, D) the everything-in-a-glass with dill-pickle juice chaser incident and, last but not least, E) the bean-stuck-in-nose incident.   All of these, while one had to be there to appreciate them, would have made milk come out of the viewer's nose, if milk were to be had at the time....

And so the foundation was laid for one silly youngster to grow up, forever associated with a unique term that has stuck with her and to her like glue.  Does this extraordinary word have super powers or put her up there with the ranks of other single-named celebrities?  Well, she'd like to think so but that remains to be seen.  For now, she seems content to use her Extra-AckLfee Perception (EAP) for good by creating cheerful, nature-inspired art to brighten the day of all who come to visit.

So there you have it...an itty-bitty history of the origins of the AckLfee. I'm sure there are some closet or budding AckLfees out there.  Just remember these three things...always use your powers for good, make time for a little silliness now and then, and definitely follow your dreams!!!

Thanks for takin' a peek!  Hope you enjoyed it! 

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