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Amy's Story (in a nutshell)....

In the beginning, there was art.  Amy has always been a chronic doodler and sketcher.  As soon as she could hold a crayon, she was off to the races, and her whole family encouraged her through the years, from private art classes in grade school on through to college where she received her BA in Graphic Communications/Fine Art and an honorary designation as a "CheeseHead" from St. Norbert College in Wisconsin.

Since then, Amy has been occupied as the creative half of several businesses she and her husband started together soon after tying the knot (both are still mostly sane despite this trial by fire - LOL).  And recently, Amy had a most marvelous epiphany!  After years of wanting to market a line of products with her artwork on them, she stumbled upon the wonderful world of "art licensing" and found that long lost piece to her creative puzzle (a BIG thank you to the very patient woman behind ArtLicensingInfo.com , Tara Reed)!

And so there you are.  New on the scene but VERY enthusiastic, Amy has been working, working, working to make up for lost time.  New collections and artwork will be coming as fast as her little pitties can draw and she's always ready for a design challenge if you need something special.  Collections are just suggestions for the artwork's use, not chiseled in stone, so if you see something that you might like but need it modified, just let her know and she'll be all over it!

Take some time and browse the "Collections" pages.  You might also want to check out Amy's mirror Gallery site which has some work that may not be in mock-up form.  And please, feel free to send us feedback...we'd love to hear what you think of the site.  We will also be starting up an informational newsletter soon, so if you'd like to receive updates from AckLfee Artworks, send us a quick note at the email address below and we'll add you to AckLfee's mailing list....


"Thanks a bunch for taking time out of your busy schedule to check out AckLfee Artworks.  Whadaya say?  Wanna be partners?  I would love to join your design team and be your go-to person for distinctive, fun, get-ya-noticed artwork.  Just give me a jingle or drop me a note...I would love to hear from you!  Have a wonderfully creative day!"


To inquire about licensing a particular piece or collection of images, or to see previews of art/collections not yet posted, please contact me HERE or call the number below.   New stuff will be posted on a regular basis so be sure to check back often.  Thanks!!!

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